Walton Heath Artisans Golf Club
Membership Rules


All members please be reminded that in accordance with club rules you are all required to carry out both rangering and divoting in accordance with the directives laid down by the parent club. Divoting is to be done during the first week of March to November, and it is each members responsibility to find out which hole he has been allocated and to liaise with his team leader to ensure the hole is done each month. Similarly for rangering you should find out which month you are on and liaise with your team leader.

Hours of Play

Artisans normal hours of play on weekdays and weekends are before 08:30am and after 3pm subject to the requirements of the parent club. During the months of Nov, Dec, Jan and Feb play can start between 11.30am and 12.30pm. In addition, during Nov, Dec and Jan play may start from 2pm and in Feb from 2.30pm.



Introducing Guests

On weekdays, artisans are allowed to play with a guest during all artisan times. On weekends and Bank Holidays however play is not allowed with a guest before 8.30am. In all cases the member and his guest must sign in at the main club reception and pay a green fee for the guest before play commences. There is no limit to the number of guests a member can introduce in one year.



Sat AM 2-Ball Competitions

On Saturdays when there is no Club two-ball competition or Artisans competition, main club members may start on the two-ball course before 8.30am, precedence between members and Artisan members being determined by order of arrival at the tee. On Saturdays when there is a Club two-ball competition, Artisan members are NOT ALLOWED to use the two-ball course in the morning (other than between 11.30am and 12.30pm in Nov, Dec, Jan and Feb)




President:  N.J. Woods


Vice Presidents:


P.J. Renshaw, R.J.B. Jessop,

K. Macpherson, His Honor J. Bishop,

F. Faulkner, T. Corrigan,

D. Newlands, ​N. Battinson,
C. Harvey, D. Williams,

B.W. Meaby, A. Turnbull,
R.J. Clark, S. Peaford


Chairman: Brian Hudson

Hon. Sec. David Lucas

Hon. Treasurer: Jim Hobern

Captain: Daniel Prince
Vice Captain: Darren Gallagher


Honorary Members:

C. Baker, S.R. Dulake, M.D. Giles, A. Lucas,

C.E.Lucas, C. Osgood, J. Erwood



N Armstrong, G Deacon, C Hyde,
J Bishop, J Dyson, G Kelly,
J Budd, R Erwood, P Knight,
R Clark, D Gallagher, D Sayers,
F Conboy, M Graystone, W Scanlon,
K Cotton, C Hopkins, M Vinson