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Club Trophy Boards

(click trophy name for past winners)



Neil Armstrong 2015


Hatton Cup Merit

Brian Hudson 2015


F Drage Cup

Jason Woodeger 2015


Ted Lucas Cup

Garry Tuppen 2015


Miss Allom

J Penfold & M Penfold 2015


Ken Macpherson

D Prince & G Deacon 2015


Ric Sayers

D Prince & M Vinson 2015




Challenge Cup

Brian Hudson 2015


Steve Hayman Trophy

Glen Deacon 2015


James Braid Cup

Jim Gilshenen 2015


Miss Paul Trophy

Dan Sayers 2015


Baroda Gold Cup

Mark Robinson 2015


Junior Cup

James Penfold 2015


Pearson Trophy

Andy Voss 2015


Guernsey Trophy Senior

Mark Graystone 2015


Guernsey Trophy Junior

James Penfold 2015


Vice Presidents Cup

D Williams 2015


Alf Franklin Trophy

Nick Giglio 2015


Veterans Trophy Senior

Robert Armstrong 2015


Veterans Trophy Junior

Brian Hudson 2015


Scottie Legge Cup

Alan Wright 2015


Scholey Trophy

Brian Hudson 2015


Sketchley Cup

Jim Hobern 2015


Russell Cup

Robert Armstrong 2015


J Taylor Cup

Gerard Kelly 2015


Headley Court Trophy

Danny Prince 2015


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