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Walton Heath Artisans is a local village golf club for residents living within a 3 mile radius. If you are over 18 and interested in applying to become a member, your application must be proposed and seconded by two existing Walton Heath Artisan members before it can be considered by the Committee.

As a prospective member, your application will hinge on your dedication to the club so if you are not a regular visitor it is highly unlikely that your application will succeed. You should come along with an introducing member but if you do not know an existing member, you are still welcome to come and "show your face" and make some new acquaintances! The clubhouse bar is open every Thursday evening from 730pm onwards.


Walton Heath Artisans is a friendly club of loyal, sociable members. We are proud of our history and relationship with the main club and are privileged to have access to two fabulous golf courses, 7 days a week at a vastly reduced rate, in return for regular course maintenance duties.

If you're a keen golfer and think you will make a good Artisan member then come along Thursday evenings and give it a go !


An Application form can be obtained on request by using the Contact Us button below or downloaded here.

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