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The new artisans website is now live. Under the "members area" you will find useful information such as the club diary/fixtures as well as match/comp results etc...

For those members that have a smartphone, you can also access the club diary directly and display the events on your phone, but you will need a (google) email address. If you'd like to do this, contact Danny Prince for details.

There is also a useful "forum/chatroom" page under the members area, where you can chat online/offline with other members. I've setup some initial forums such as "social nights" "suggestions" etc... If you have any suggestions for other forums/pages/sections that you'd like to see on the site, contact Danny or you can leave your suggestions in the chatroom "suggestions" forum... you can register your own user/password or login with your facebook id.

Also under the members area you will see a page for "HowDidIDo", this is an "embedded" page that links directly to the howdidido website (basically it shows the howdidido website inside a window without having to leave the website). You can login here with your own howdidido usename and password and browse the site just as you would if you were browising it directly, to view comp results, handicap info etc.

Finally, the "latest news" page can show either photos or video posts (hosted on youtube). If you want any club news/information posted on the news section let Danny know. Videos are hosted on youtube, and there is an artisans account where you can post videos directly from your smartphone, contact Danny for the login details! The twitter feed will be used to broadcast news & info to members too, so follow @waltonartisans to keep in the loop!

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