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Keith and Stuart find success in Miss Alloms Foursomes!

The Miss Alloms Foursomes was won with a very respectable 39 pts by the partnership of Stuart Lister and Keith Bishop with Danny Sayers and Glenn Deacon also posting a fine 36pts to grab 2nd spot.

It was a beautiful sunny day punctuated by a biting wind. The course was looking very lush, although there were a few disgruntled murmurings about the spiked greens being responsible for Eunan's constant 3ft misses, but other than that, it was a perfect day for golf, with the majority of pairings coming in around the 31pts mark.

There was stunned silence at one point when the unlikely pairing of Gordon Newman & Danny Prince were club leaders on 33pts, but their moment of impending glory was all too brief when it was cut short as Glenn was heard confidently announcing his score... from the carpark.

A very good turn out indeed and a full clubhouse afterwards... and huge thanks once again to Ros and Maria for providing yet another welcoming breakfast!

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