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Lucky Mascot Walks a Lonely Path in Pyrrhic victory!

Despite his unfaltering loyalty to his team, Glenn's team failed to progress in their knockout 5s match against Gatton Manor (A) as their lucky mascot Jon Bishop finally succumbed to temptation, and won.

Jon had been a stalwart of the team's victorious progress through earlier rounds, always willing to set aside personal pride for the sake of the team, earning his tag of lucky mascot along the way because of his 100% record of failure, but the team always won whenever Jon lost... not this time.

Jon annihilated his opponent in a heady display of enthusiasm but his bambiesque smile soon turned to horror as each of his teammates went down one by one. Losing 4 - 1.

"Disbelief, betrayal, never again", were just some of the words overheard in the clubhouse when news broke of Jon's victory.

Fate is cruel!

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