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Thank You!!

Transcription follows:

Dear Robert,

As you know the judge in the high court dismissed the TWRA claim for judicial review of the inspector’s decision to allow the club’s application to deregister and exchange common land at Beecham’s Field.

I think it unlikely that the TWRA will take the matter further and, even if they do, I don’t think the inspector’s decision will be overturned.

So, on behalf of the club, I want to thank you and your members most sincerely for all the help and support you gave to the club before and during the public inquiry.

I do believe your support was critical to the decision the inspector made. All the letters you wrote and the support given orally at the Inquiry were vital. They demonstrated that our application was not just by a so called “Elite members club” (Which is not true!), but was supported by many people who live in the village.

I also believe that this was a great demonstration of the strong relationship which exists between our two clubs and which I hope will remain strong forever.

I hope you will convey my and the club’s thanks to all your members.

With my best wishes

David Newlands

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